Adoption Info

Our shelter continues to grow and improve.
Drop by and get to know us better!

If you see a cat on this Web site who interests you, please call the number shown to make arrangements to meet the dog or cat. If you get an answering machine, please leave a message including the name of the pet. (If you email us, please include your phone number.)

The adoption procedure is very thorough. You will be required to fill out an application and agree to an adoption contract. (Sorry, these are not available on-line at this time.) You will also be given information about caring for your new companion, including the many facets of caring for a new pet and introducing the pet to a new environment. We want your adoption to be a success!

Please do not try to pick a pet based on color, breed, or the memory of a pet you once loved. It is very important to let the pet pick you, rather than the other way around, because pets go by scent and are naturally attracted to certain people while indifferent to others. Unfortunately, we are not currently equipped to do long-distance adoptions.

Continued Care
We can become the legal guardian of your pet in the event of your possible illness or death. Many times, pet owners can bequeath their animals to us in a will, and we’ll make sure they find a wonderful new home.